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"Amidst the eternal waves of time, From a ripple of change shall the storm rise, Out of the abyss peer the eyes of demons, The winged beasts soar through dark skies, Fear and death trail in their shadow beneath...." 

Fighter Wing Social Club

Pilot School Social Club

The Golden Age of the pilots may have died out long ago in gta4 as the game was invaded by script modders. However many honorable aviators still hold their cherished memories of dogfights and running endless circles of death around their helpless targets. Let this crew act as a home for those skilled pilots that may have become misplaced with the times.. and let them find their way here. Or maybe perhaps as a place for rookie pilots wishing to become more skilled.
Here at the 8492nd our main priority is aviation in Grand theft auto 5(and 4 sometimes?). Honing our skills in the air, working as a team, and carrying on with our abilities to completely subdue unfortunate unsuspecting players. We also participate in special death matches made for the purpose of dogfights and the like. 
As evil as the agenda may sometimes seem, we are also up to the task of assisting other crews/players if they are ever in need of some support from the skies. We will often fly escort missions if a friendly clan/crew needs absolute air superiority while traveling in any commercial aircraft.

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