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Aces-and__8s-_ - Application to join the 8492nd
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Joined: 1st Sep 2014
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1st Sep 2014

1. Aces-and__8s-_/ Aces-and__8s-_

2. 23

3 .1 year

4. N/A

5. Standard  Pacific Time


7. N/A I steal any airplane or helicopter i can get my hands on.

8. Yes. I cant get out without Lester.

9.Yes unless the are people who abuse power.

10. I am able to fly and land a helicopter almost anywhere on the map. Excluding water bodies. Also a reliable guy on any mission presented to me
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1st Sep 2014

Okay, since it seems you are on the PSN side, you will need to contact FalconEye303(Commissioner/Squadron Leader) about recruitment. He will give you a short interview and if all goes well he will brief you on how this crew operates. Go ahead and request an invite to to crew now if you want to speed things up.

http://socialclub.rocksta ... /member/falconeye303

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Forum » Recruitment/Alliances » Recruits.
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