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Pilot School
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28th Oct 2014

Welcome cadets to pilot school. 
Pilot School

You are here because you want to be a very successful pilot. We can help you.  This crew is designed to assist those who wish to become a GTA Fighter Pilot specifically in the 8492nd. Graduating from this school is also a prerequisite for joining the 8492nd Fighter Wing. However what you learn here can be helpful regardless of if you choose to join the fighter wing or not.

This crew was mainly created to give cadets a "prospective period" sort of like an MC before they join the fighter wing. We have had many people wanting to join the fighter wing, however it turned out that they were not active or they just didn't meet the requirements. 

Below is the main structure of the program.

1. First you will be assigned a mentor/instructor who will act sort of as your wing-man during this trial. This person will be assigned according to your timezone and preference and console. This mentor will guide you on your way while you are in school. They will also help you get acclimated with the 8492nd so you can ask them anything. 

2. You will be integrated into the world of the 8492nd. You will need to develop skills and take classes in the following as you progress.
- 1v1 Merge Dog-fighting and Aerial Combat Maneuvering(ACM) 
- Air to Ground Strikes
- Communications
- Formation Flying
- Squadron Tactics  
- Combat Helicopter Piloting
- Leadership

3. After you have proven as a cadet that you are proficient in all of these areas listed above, you will need to take your final exam. This will most likely be taken with a senior crew member or two in attendance for evaluation. 

4. After evaluation it will be determined by the higher ranking officers of the 8492nd Fighter Wing if you will be accepting into the wing or not. If you are accepted, you will start out as the rank of Pilot Officer.

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Forum » Recruitment/Alliances » Recruits.
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