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Ryza1994 - Application to Join the 8492nd.
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Joined: 28th Aug 2014
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28th Aug 2014

I just filled out application 'Application to Join the 8492nd.'. Here is my submission for your consideration:

Joined: 27th Aug 2014
Rank: Wing Commander
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28th Aug 2014

What the hell... it doesn't tell me anything.. clearly I have edits to make..
Could you answer these questions for us in a reply to this thread??

-Age(We don't like squeakers)
-Piloting experience/Year you began piloting
-Past Crews(optional, though try to avoid being in another pilot crew)
-Time Zone/Region you live in.
-Do you have a Mic? (Kinects don't count)
-What do you fly? (Buzzard, Lazer, Annihilator?)
-Can you get into Fort Zancudo without any help from others?
-Can you work well with others?(You will have wing-men with you most of the time you play)
-Anything you may want to add.(Your time to shine)

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Forum » Recruitment/Alliances » Recruits.
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