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ShotgunShelly17 - Application to join the 8492nd
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Joined: 1st Sep 2014
Rank: Pilot Officer
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1st Sep 2014

Was having trouble with the application so i did it like this, hope this is ok!

1. Gamertag and SocialClub: ShotgunShelly17
2. 22
3. When GTA 5 came out.  2013
4. Gwop Boyz, Don Won
5. Central
6. Yes, afterglow
7. P96-Lazer
8. Yes
9. Yes
10. Im a female who is in her senior year of college... yea thats about it.
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Joined: 27th Aug 2014
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1st Sep 2014

You filled it out just as we wanted people to. The actual recruitment application on here sucks.

So this is what will happen. Either one of our flight lieutenants, one of our squadron leaders, or I myself will look into interviewing you and getting you into the crew from this point on. If it should turn out that you have what we are looking for, then you will start out as a pilot officer and you will have access to the rest of these forums and the social club.

Keep in mind that for as many pilots as we have we are trying to keep ourselves tight-knit. So even though we aren't requesting you be on everyday.. we are looking for active members.

I would say more but it should be saved for whoever ends up briefing you after the interview. 

Right now go ahead and request an invite to the crew, and we will get to you asap.

AND if we don't get to you(unlikely) start nagging us.
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Last Edit: 1st Sep 2014 by ll Tempest ll
Joined: 27th Aug 2014
Rank: Wing Commander
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2nd Sep 2014

Sweet. Welcome to the fighter wing. I will update your profile. You are officially a pilot officer in the 8492nd Tactical Fighter Wing. The forums are now yours to browse.

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Forum » Recruitment/Alliances » Recruits.
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